Deleting Snapchat chats can be a confusing task and hence we bring you a small guide on how to delete Snapchat chats

How to Delete Snapchat Chats Permanently?

Snapchat gives its users the power to delete chats permanently. This cannot be undone so be careful while opting for this.

  • To do this first you should open the Snapchat app and then open the ‘Friends’ section.
  • Then proceed to open the chat column which will show your ongoing conversations.
  • Then pick a message that you wish to delete permanently.
  • Tap and hold it until the delete option ‘Pops-Up’.

How to Delete Snapchat Chats those are Saved?

Due to popular demand, Snapchat enabled the function to save chats. However, you may choose to opt out of this any time you desire.

  • The saving option is contrary to the purpose of Snapchat which is to send messages and photos that disappear immediately.
  • If all your chats are getting saved but they are less in number then you can manually hold each message for a few seconds and then unsaved it.
  • To delete chats in bulk hit this ghost icon which is placed above the capture window followed by selecting the clog icon. Subsequently, select the clear conversations option.

How to Delete Snapchat Chats Saved by Another Person?

Deleting messages saved by someone else continues to remain tricky. There is no direct way to do it yourself.

  • You can message the other person and request him or her to delete your messages.
  • Another option is to go to ‘Chat Settings’ and disable the ‘Auto-Save’ option.
  • You can delete messages from your own side but it will not be possible do it from someone else’s side unless you have access to their device.


  • Make sure that your decision is final when you choose to delete Snapchat ( chats as this cannot be undone.
    • You need to choose the best method which works for you based on the frequency of the texts you send people through Snapchat.
    • Ensure that you have the settings optimized for yourself i.e. choose whether you want chats to be saved by default or unsaved by default.

You will always have the option to manually handle each message separately.

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