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iCloud only gives you 5GB of free stories which for some people may be very less to store their pictures- videos- movies- songs- etc. Why use it for unnecessary data?

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Delete Facebook Photos from Pc and Mac Computer On your preferred browser- go to If you’re logged in- you’ll automatically get to the News Feed in the Facebook homepage. But-

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Block an Email on iPhone Using Gmail Tap on the Gmail app icon on the home screen. Doing that takes you to your primary inbox in the Gmail app. In your inbox-

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Wrap Christmas Presents: Box Presents Gather the needed supplies To wrap Christmas presents- you need materials such as wrapping paper- tape- and scissors. With these materials at hand- you’re good to go. Remove

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Before- people werehiringdetectors to find out all such details about a particular person- who they suspect or want to know more about. But now- the vogue has been changed. Now-

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In the Uber community drivers and riders rate- each other after trips and this rating is displayed to both the rider and the driver when a ride is booked. This