You could not find anyone without mobile phones these days. Everyone has set a password to their mobile phone to make sure their phone would not be used anyone without the knowledge of the beholder of the phone. But, do not worry, as you can get in touch with your wireless service provider to unlock your cell phone. Here the steps to unlock your mobile phone at free of cost.

  1. Do the Preliminary Things to Unlock Your Cell Phone

At times, your cell phones might be locked due to someone attempting to unlock your mobile phone. As you all know that, putting wrong passwords for more than three times will lock your mobile phone. As you all know, every mobile phone is different from each other. It is your responsibility to carry out the preliminary steps that are required to unlock your phone.

  • First of all, you need to dial “#06#” on the mobile phone, which you want to unlock. By dialing the number from the mobile phone, you can able to get the mobile phone’s unique IMEI number.
  • Once after getting the IMEI number of your phone, you need to write down the number on a paper or note as of your wish. The IMEI number is more than important and your wireless service provider will ask you this number for unlocking your mobile phone.
  1. Contact Your Wireless Service Provider

So, now, you have your IMEI number ready with you. Next, you have to do is to contact your mobile service provider and request him to unlock your mobile phone. The contact numbers of the wireless service provider will vary according to the type of the cell phone you have. The mobile phone is classified into four types, which are a sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

  • Once you have called and requested your service provider for the mobile phone unlock service, the service provider will go through your account information, and whether or not you are eligible for a free unlock service.
  • If you owe amount or you did not have fulfilled the terms and conditions of the service contract, then you would not be eligible for a free unlock service.
  1. Provide Necessary Details to Your Service Provider

Of course, the wireless service provider will ask certain information to process your unlock request. You need to provide genuine and accurate information to your service provider. If any of the details provided by you does not match with the service provider’s contract, then you cannot unlock your mobile phone.

  • The details such as name, unique IMEI number and contact details should be rendered to the wireless service provider.
  • Then, the wireless service provider will contact the phone manufacturer to get your phone’s unlock code.
  • Take, for example, if you are using Samsung Galaxy J7 mobile on the T-series network, then the T-mobile wireless service provider will get in touch with the Samsung company to get your unlock code.
  • You need to wait until you get the unlock code from your wireless service provider. Some wireless service providers will send the unlock code via email and some other service providers ask you to visit the retail store for obtaining the code.
  1. Unlock Your Phone with the Instructions Provided by the Service Provider

Once, after providing the unlock code, the wireless service provider will let you know about the steps that you need to follow to unlock your mobile phone. You need to do as per the instructions to unlock your cell phone.

  • Most of the time, the wireless service provider will ask you to insert a SIM card from another port and enter the unlock code at the prompt.
  • Once your cell phone has been unlocked, then you can access the SIM cards from suitable wireless networks.
  • If you have any doubts with respect to unlock your cell phone, you can feel free to contact your wireless service provider. The wireless service provider is the one that can resolve all such doubts that you come up with in case of unlocking your cell phone.
  1. What to Do if the Unlock Code Fails to Work

Yes, at times, you may happen to experience a situation that, you do all the steps correctly and got an unlock code too from your service provider, but your unlock code fails to work.

  • If you find that your unlock code fails to match, then you need to immediately contact your wireless service provider and inform him about your issue.
  • If the wireless service provider fails to give the right and accurate IMEI number, then the given unlock code will not respond.
  • It is better to ask your wireless service provider to check your IMEI number and ask what IMEI number he has provided to the phone manufacturing company. If your service provider has sent wrong IMEI number, ask him to render the right IMEI number.
  • If your service provider provides the right IMEI number, then the unlock code will have no issues in unlocking your cell phone.


If you have issues in unlocking your cell phone for free, then you can get in touch with the FCC and confirm whether or not you are eligible for a free unlock service. The FCC will shoot up your situation and explain your eligibility to unlock your cell phone at free of cost.

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